About Your Photographer  - Michelle Dawkins

Michelle, a Washington state native, moved to Maryland at the age of 19 to study art and animation in college. She has become an avid artist and photographer with her own dogs, Troy and Daisy, who became her first models. They have helped her develop a keen understanding of movement and how to capture a dogs personality in portraits and action photography. Michelle's adventurous, endless energy, and enthusiasm make for an unforgettable experience as you watch her work with your dogs. She has no problem diving right into the Chesapeake Bay along with your dog to make sure she captures that moment of "Wow!" when you see your dogs portfolio for the first time. Michelle continues to learn from the very best dog photographers in the world so her clients receive nothing but stunning, breathtaking photos. Her most recent work has received top awards and gallery placements across the country.


"I truly love my job! I never though in a million years that my hobby photographing my two dogs, Troy and Daisy, would become something for me to share with everyone. It's not only fun for the dogs, but also for the entire family! They have blast working with their dogs and also get a good laugh when they see me dive into the sand to get the perfect photo! I'm beyond happy that I get the chance to photograph so many dogs and to see my clients smile during and after the photo shoot."